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“We at Thacher have enlisted the services of Richard Ryan for 8 years. His counsel to our students, his advice and direction to our faculty, and his overall eloquence, thoughtfulness, and dynamism in communicating with our school as a whole, has made a significant difference in helping Thacher become a school -- year in and year out -- largely free from the divisive and nefarious influences of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Our students are healthier and happier because of his clarity, wisdom, and example; our faculty enjoys the confidence of knowing what is going on in the world "out there." Our students and faculty trust Richard and listen to him, and we look forward to his visit every year. Richard is a good, honest, funny, and convincing expert in this field, and other schools should be so lucky as to employ his services. Our students and their families are genuinely helped by virtue of his caring and sagacious advice and counsel.”

– Michael Mulligan, HD of School

Thacher School, Ojai, CA

“Richard Ryan’s work with our students, parents, and teachers has had a life-changing effect on many students, provided a nurturing wake-up call for parents, and added an affirming keep-at-it for faculty. He is a unique combination of the wise and cool, straight-forward and endearing, knowledgeable and warm personality that opens students to his message. We consider his program to be the shot in the arm we need each year to complement our drug and alcohol prevention program. The students look forward to the week of the year when he will appear on campus and become a part of the school family. The adults quote him throughout the year and welcome him back with smiles and questions. Richard cares about us and our students and has made a real difference for Wichita Collegiate School.”

– Harriet “Bunny” Hill, Assistant Headmaster

Wichita Collegiate School, Wichita, KS

“I have had the privilege of working with Richard Ryan for two years, and our school could not be more pleased with his exemplary work.  He is highly knowledgeable of the latest trends and best practices, and his direct, open approach works well with parents and students alike.  As an administrator, I also am grateful for the direction his visits have given our drug and alcohol programs school-wide.”

– Jonathan Eades, Head of Upper School

St. Mary’s Hall, San Antonio, TX

“When working with a school, Richard is not merely present as an educator for students. His depth of knowledge and understanding of human development make him an invaluable resource for faculty, administrators and young people alike.  Endlessly flexible in the program he provides, Richard presents information which is reinforced by engaging stories, allowing students to directly apply what they're learning to real-life situations.  'Tweens and teens find him approachable and easy to be with, making Richard an important source of support for students.  Furthermore, his presentations to parents and faculty are thorough, sensitive and strongly impactful.”

– Patti Wilzcek, PhD., Head of School

Milbury School, Los Gatos, CA

(Former Director of Counseling, Cate School, Ojai, CA)

“If you want to know what's going on in kid-world and want sensible and honest approaches to try, get Richard Ryan into your school just as soon as you can.  The kids trust him, the parents listen to him, and he makes a difference.”

– Kevin Barr, High School Principal

Georgetown Day School, Washington, D.C.

“Richard has a great way of bringing to life for Middle School children the realities and importance of their choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  There are some moments that a wrong decision has lasting, sometimes permanent, ramifications, and he helps them see this truth.  Richard also helps our students see the role that peer pressure and the media play in shaping how they see social drinking.  Unquestionably, drug and alcohol issues impact our kids; Richard helps put more control into our students’ hands. It has been my privilege to work with Richard Ryan in his capacity as a guest speaker about Substance Abuse at Georgetown Day High School in Washington, D.C., for many years. Richard does not take a traditional "fear-based" approach when talking about drugs, alcohol, and the addictive process. Instead, he combines his wonderful sense of humor with facts and information with which to guide responsible decisions. Our students have always enjoyed his teaching, which is why they are able to learn so much from Richard.”

– Karen Epstein, HS Dean of Students

Georgetown Day High School, Washington, D.C.

“Our students eagerly await Richard’s visit every year. Richard’s straightforward approach with young people creates strong connections based on trust and respect. He is direct and tells students not just the hard facts about drugs and alcohol, but also the importance of personal decision-making and consequences. He is a dynamic speaker and his stories are powerful and relevant. His remarkable ability to share his experiences in such meaningful and memorable way saves lives. “There is no doubt; Richard has made a difference in our community. For our parents and students dealing with the stress of teenage life, Richard is trusted mentor and friend. By offering teenagers and adults a sense of direction, he gives them hope. He is able to provide a significant shared experience that can connect parents and children and becomes as a catalyst for positive change. Richard’s program is one parents, students, and educators cannot afford to miss.”

– Gretchen Schrafe, Dean of Student Life

Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich, RI

“Richard Ryan journeyed to our Hillside regularly over the last fifteen years. The boys and the faculty looked forward to his coming as each visit was unique and focused on very recent issues. I will never forget his visit after the Columbine shootings. His honest, direct, and candid style reached many boys. Despite his short visits, he made a difference in many young men’s lives. Each time he came he addressed the faculty. Whether it was an update on the world of chemical dependency or an overview of our own community’s involvement, his observations were always helpful. I value my personal friendship with Richard very much. I do not know of anyone in his business who does it better.”

– Paul L. Abbot, Senior Master

South Kent School, South Kent, CT

Richard Ryan