Creative Drug Education believes that accurate information, delivered in a comprehensible manner —within the social context in which drugs are experimented and used—provides the greatest opportunity for students to make decisions
that lead to chemical-free lifestyles.

Middle School Program

On-site program for middle school students

Upper School Program

On-site program for upper school students

Creative Drug Education

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Richard Ryan’s work with our students, parents, and teachers has had a life-changing effect on many students, provided a nurturing wake-up call for parents, and added an affirming keep-at-it for faculty. He is a unique combination of the wise and cool, straight-forward and endearing, knowledgeable and warm personality that opens students to his message. We consider his program to be the shot in the arm we need each year to complement our drug and alcohol prevention program. The students look forward to the week of the year when he will appear on campus and become a part of the school family. The adults quote him throughout the year and welcome him back with smiles and questions. Richard cares about us and our students and has made a real difference for Wichita Collegiate School.”

– Harriet “Bunny” Hill
Assistant Head of School, Wichita Collegiate School