Mission Statement: Creative Drug Education

was founded to provide premier drug use and

abuse awareness and prevention programs

(including alcohol and other drugs), primarily to

students who attend independent middle and

secondary schools and colleges and universities.

We at Thacher have enlisted the services of Richard Ryan for 8 years. His counsel to our students, his advice and direction to our faculty, and his overall eloquence, thoughtfulness, and dynamism in communicating with our school as a whole, has made a significant difference in helping Thacher become a school -- year in and year out -- largely free from the divisive and nefarious influences of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Our students are healthier and happier because of his clarity, wisdom, and example.  Richard is a good, honest, funny, and convincing expert in this field, and other schools should be so lucky as to employ his services. Our students and their families are genuinely helped by virtue of his caring and sagacious advice and counsel.”

– Michael Mulligan

HD of Thacher School, Ojai, CA

“Richard has a great way of bringing to life (for adolescents) the realities and importance of their choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol.  Unquestionably, drug and alcohol issues impact our kids; Richard helps put more control into our students' hands. It has been my privilege to work with Richard Ryan in his capacity as a guest speaker about Substance Abuse at Georgetown Day High School in Washington, D.C., for many years. He combines his wonderful sense of humor with facts and information with which to guide responsible decisions. Our students have always enjoyed his teaching, which is why they are able to learn so much from him.”

– Karen Epstein, HS Dean of Students

Georgetown Day High School, Washington, D.C.

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